Alright, so I’m late to this party…


But let’s get it started anyway!

So what’s this? Basically this is a little platform for me to do stuff with. I’ve been on the Internet for some 18 years now, if you can count browsing in Usenet groups and a very rudimentary World Wide Web, so it’s rather embarrassing to only do this personal blog thing now, since it’s not considered a cool thing, what with social networks and alternative platforms being more popular and fashionable. Still, social networks are shallow, with Twitter being a prime example. The 140 character limit annoys me to no end, and it’s not a surprise I rarely post on it. The desire to do anything with it rapidly disappears upon realising to get the message I want across usually relies on excessive butchering of the original message, or inelegantly splitting the message across multiple tweets. Ugh. If you check my Twitter timeline, it’s either tweets to other people, a couple of moans, and… that’s about it.

However, before you get the wrong idea, I actually like social networks. They have their uses, but for content that is more substantial and hopefully less transient, a WordPress blog is still a good platform. I know this, because this actually isn’t my very first blog; I run Three Guys With Cameras with two friends, which focuses on photography gear.  So if you are interested in photography, check it out!

Which brings me back to the purpose of this blog: I’ve been wanting to write on other things for some time now (and by some time, I mean years), so hence me starting this little blog here. It will cover my other interests that Three Guys With Cameras doesn’t cover, namely general consumer technology, gaming (which extends beyond the screen), and other bits and pieces of life in Singapore, or just life in general. Or just general ramblings. Yes, this is one of those “anything goes” personal blogs!

I’ve already got another piece in progress, so check back in a few days time, for this blog’s first review!