Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZxR Review


Creative is a company that has been making many audio-related products for a long while now, starting with the Sound Blaster cards, and they have been diversifying in all kinds of products since. Thanks to one of the other two guys, I managed to snag one of Creative’s latest headsets, the Sound Blaster EVO ZxR, which basically is like a Swiss Army knife of headsets.

Some background: I’m not an audio snob (I’ll happily listen to MP3s), and absolutely roll my eyes at the audiophile rubbish that comes along, but I definitely like my good audio. I currently own a Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro, which are really good value in headphones if you ask me, and prior to that have used way too many crappy headsets. The list of headsets I have used and never liked include the Sennheiser PC160, Logitech Precision Gaming Headset, Steelseries Siberia, Razer Carcharias, and the Logitech G230. Even my previous headset, the Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset, was used mostly because it boasted an awesome microphone and a low price. Audio-wise, it was not the worst, but certainly not my choice to use if I had one. All of them, with the exception of the Logitech G230, suffered from bad to terrible bass, designed to make explosions sound pretty damn awesome, and everything else sound really shit.

With that in mind, let’s see if the Sound Blaster EVO ZxR escapes from the Booming Pit of Gaming Headset Doom.

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