Star Wars: The Force Awakens – A Personal Take




For me, Star Wars has a very simple proposition, and that’s to entertain me. The much derided prequels didn’t quite do that, especially the dreadful Attack of the Clones. They were mostly dull despite having some over the top visual effects, an expanded universe to play around with, and a different story arc that involved Anakin Skywalkers fall to the Dark Side.

The Force Awakens fails me in the opposite way: Staying too close to the original trilogy, in particular, A New Hope.

(Mostly spoiler-free opinion/review to follow, but proceed at your own  risk)

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Thoughts on Singapore’s 50th Birthday

So here we are, on a four-day weekend for Singapore’s 50 years of independence, and all I can think of amidst the celebratory mood is:

Good gods I hate this place.

Maybe “hate” is too strong a word, but I certainly don’t love this place. While it’s not literally the worst place in the world to live, with so many candidates scrambling for that title, I can’t muster much love for it either. The last time I probably felt anything positive was as a kid during the 25th anniversary. How the passage of time shifts our perception!

It all comes down to one thing: Our culture.

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Why the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is Less Appealing This Time Round

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

As you might have heard, Samsung recently announced the Galaxy Note 4. I was one of the first few to get the original Galaxy Note, which prior to getting it had me walking around with a scientific calculator of roughly the same size in my pants pocket to see if the then-unprecedented size of the Note would be an issue (it wasn’t), and since then I’ve always bought one each year they came out. Partly because I had a Singtel bundle that allowed for yearly upgrades without any penalties, but also because each new generation had enough compelling upgrades that made me say yes. So what’s changed this time? Continue reading


Poking Around in Broadcast Asia 2014

Phew, what a day! I had quite the busy morning before rushing out in the afternoon today to cover a whole bunch of things, including BroadcastAsia 2014. While it’s not as large as any of the well-known trade shows (NAB for instance is easily eight to ten times larger), there is still a lot of walking. I now think of all the bloggers and tech journos who have to cover those sprawling shows like CES. My hats off to them.

Still it was pretty fun, as I get to gawk at all kinds of stuff, learn a few new things, and managed to get some hands on time with one of the most talked-about cameras in the market. Full gallery with commentary is now up at Three Guys with Cameras!