Happy First Hatchday, Cassie!

Pardon for the slightly personal post, but it is a big day for someone dear to me.

Time flies, and it’s just about Cassie’s first hatchday already!

I say just about, since I don’t really know her actual hatchday, and it’s based on her being about 7 weeks old when she arrived last July. Since 6th June is fairly easy to remember, it will be her Estimated Hatchday. Right Cassie? I still remember when you first arrived with tattered tail feathers and clipped flight feathers; as you can see, her feathers have regrown, and she’s a lovely pretty bird, if a little dirty, as she still hasn’t learnt not to drag the extremities of her long feathers over dirty surfaces.

Of course, birds don’t really care about birthdays and hatchdays. She just wants to be sure that she gets her munchies, have enough interesting things to play with, and generally get into all kinds of places she shouldn’t be. Like my the top of my door:

P1030867It is one of her favourite perching places. I have never cleaned a door so much before.

Then there’s the rice cooker, whom the blame goes squarely on my mother for placing her there in the first place.


Even my monitor isn’t exempt. Luckily I spot digestive incidents before they happen. Most of them anyway.

P1030871Someone’s being really cocky here. Eh, it’s my monitor, not your perching spot!

Still, she’s been such a sweetie at times.


Who doesn’t like a cute bird like that, even if a little damp?

Have a little treat, Cassie, and I hope you’ll be happy to be with us for all the years to come.


PS. If you’re here while considering a parrot as a pet: Get a cat or a dog. Especially a cat.